Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh My Sweet Jesus...

Do you have an hour to read my previous post?!


Heather said...

Actually I do, since I'm a slave to this fucking breast pump. :)

Love your post -- so funny. I hope you get everything done in time for next week! I freak out just having people over for pizza -- I can't imagine entertaining for that many.

Jealous of your ballet excursion (minus the barf).

Kiki said...

I skipped cleaning my bathroom so I could blog....I'm pathetic, but you are hilarious!!! So worth a filthy bathroom, one more day!!

julie said...

Heather, we do this every year so I have the whole thing down pat pretty much. I go nuts getting ready ahead of time so I can enjoy myself when the people are there. But this whole painting thing has kind of put me over the edge.

I knew you'd be up to read this long post...with the newborn baby:)

Kiki, glad to do my part in keeping your bathroom dirty:)