Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I painted my blog

I really want to do some painting around my house. 

This is easier.


Heather said...

Julie -- re WW changes -- read THIS

Kiki said...

Sometimes we just need a little lift...painting your blog is a good pace to start. Not like me, when I come home and ken has painted our bathroom a HIDEOUS shade of mushroom...that he picked himself. The next day, he painted it back. He doesn't get to pick the colors anymore...paint yes, color no!

julie said...

Heather--thanks for the link. I love roni's site, but i have not been reading it lately. I must get back to it. She is such an inspiration.

Kiki--Ken painted the bathroom in a color he picked out himself?!! That's really funny that he painted it back the next day!

Mrs Furious said...

I don't know how to change blog backgrounds! I'm impressed!

Oh GOD Mr F is NOT allowed to pick colors. You'd think he'd be good at it... but no. When I came home from Up North this summer the only painting he had done was to paint the girl's room trim a hideous pink... wtf? To go with the not even close to complementary light pink wall color I had chosen? I made him paint it back.

Kiki said...

Ken thinks that because he was a house builder that he has the ability to pick paint...well that night when I got home you can bet that we had a little conversation about taste and how he has none (except for marrying me, of course)!!!

He did paint it back the next day because I wasn't going to look at myself in a weird diarrhea/mushroom-y color bathroom....I already have a lot of self-esteem issues as is!!!

Mrs.F, did he go out and pick that himself???? I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes their husband go back and redo what the undid!!! Heehee!!