Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a big dinner party with Tom's family on Christmas Eve day. Then my parents came for the night. My Dad and I went to a Christmas Eve service at the Unitarian Church...the church is a beautiful white church that has been there in the center of town since the 1600's. Very old New England. It was basically all carols and everyone holding lit candles at the end. It totally rocked. My kind of church. 

The boys are asleep finally. Poor Jack could not get to sleep. He was so excited and frustrated that he couldn't sleep. Everything is all set downstairs...I even have the coffee maker set up to turn on by itself in the morning. Well, I didn't do that. Tom did. He's good like that:)

We have another batch of people coming over tomorrow. My sisters and their husbands and my neice, Samantha. We will have another big rib roast dinner and eat lots of cheesecake and pie.

Then, if that is not brother and his wife are flying in Friday around 4:30pm and will be at my parents house that night for another Christmas party with all my family (again...God help me. I love them...but it is a little overkill.) My brother was supposed to come to my house on Christmas Eve, but the day he was going to leave, pipes burst in their house. They live in a huge historic building in Pennsylvania...I think it used to be a church or a convent or something like that. They have three floors and on the third floor, which they kept unheated, pipes burst and left quite a bit of damage. I am just glad they are able to come at all. They will only be here for the weekend.

Oh, I will for sure be back on eating more clean after all this holiday hullaballoo. I know this mindless eating is making me feel tired and sluggish (along with lack of sleep.) I am not going to fret about what I am eating for another day and then get back to menu planning and tracking my food and water. 

Have a wonderful day today!! I have to go to sleep because my boys will be up at the crack of dawn.


Mrs Furious said...

Merry Christmas Julie!!!

the kid I hate from across the street just came over and asked if she could play... on freaking Christmas!!! Of course I was in the shower so I couldn't intercept. I'm going to workout just to avoid her!!!

Heather said...

Merry Christmas indeed! Hope it's very happy! I hear you about the eating crap = feeling like crap. Yick. What I wouldn't give for a freaking vegetable -- and NO green bean casserole doesn't count in my book. I'm trying to be thankful and just enjoy it though -- hard for me, as I'm perpetually whiny. :)

Kiki said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family Julie, also Happy New Year!!!! I'm worrying about the overeating a little New Year's resolution...procastinate more!!! Heehee!!!