Friday, December 19, 2008

No School...Again

So for the third time this week, school was cancelled due to the weather. Winter hasn't even officially started and these poor kids have already used 4 snow days. They are totally screwed and will be in school in July.

What the hell happened to us New Englanders? When did we become wimps with the weather? The superintendent of the schools cancelled school yesterday during school for the next day because we were getting a snow storm in the afternoon. The snow started around 1:45 pm today. What the bloody hell? 

Don't get me wrong...I love snow days. Love them. I love to have the surprise day home with kids, cozy on the couch, watching movies and having hot cocoa. But 4 snow days in 6 days...a week before Christmas? No, not so much. I would rather be wrapping presents and cleaning freaking toilets. Yay.


Haley said...

Oh man, I hear ya -- it's just freakin snow!

I used to live in Medford, and I gotta tell ya, though -- as much as I miss Mass for many, many reasons, I'm happy about the few less inches of snow we get in back is sore but I don't want to completely die right now. But you know, I gotta live in Jersey, so that's no picnic...

Mrs Furious said...

Last year we had a crazy winter and when we had midwinter break there were so many snowstorms on either side that the one week break became 15 days off! Of course I was wanting to kill myself since I decided not to travel for such a "short" break.... I really regretted that. ;)

julie said...

I am pretty sure they won't have school again on Monday since we are getting another storm Sunday.

God help me.

Send the Mormons.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm surprised they would have had school on Monday anyway! Kid's been off since Thursday afternoon. When is their break?

julie said...

Yup, they have school on Monday and Tuesday. They do have school today, but a 2 hour delay. We have like a foot and a half of snow out there. It looks really pretty.

I can wrap today! Yay!!!!

Kiki said...

I miss snow its just more about the hurricane and they may or may not shut down the town for those. These Southerners are hardy folk when it comes to wild weather!

I wrapped until 4:30 this morning, now I have to rest, work at 5p.m until 10:30 p.m and then work at noon tomorrow...I am so looking forward to New Years because I have some days off...what are you guys doing for that??

Mrs Furious said...

You were up until 4:30?!?!!!!!!
Jeez Louise! You need to start taking my friend Unisom ;)

Although I haven't been to bed before 1:30 all week myself.

julie said...

Wow, Kiki...4:30am wrapping. You must be relieved that it is done (it is done, right?!)

It is going to be crazy around here tomorrow and on Christmas as we are having a bunch of family come. Although, sadly , not my brother and his wife. They were supposed to come and stay. I was so excited. Unfortunately, they woke up to their pipes bursting and have a huge mess to deal with now.

Gotta of my kids is up. shit.