Monday, November 17, 2008

so tired

I am too tired to write anything and tomorrow I am at my kids' school all day volunteering. 

Now that is uninteresting, Mrs F! 

Who knew...I'd start a blog and suddenly have nothing to say. Oh, it's in there. I just have not had the right amount of time to write.


Kiki said...

Heehee, I had to get back and leave a comment here because we were both on at the same time...I'm sitting here watching the tryouts for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, feeling badly about what I ate today...ugh, I'm gross!

Mrs Furious said...

#1 I really did eat 3 muffins... so much that I was kind of regurgitating them... and yes I was full after 2 but ate the 3rd anyway

#2 I did go down to workout... BUT... got off after 20 minutes. I never do that.

Something is going around. Maybe it's SAD?! I don't know. Seriously. I tried to do a video today.. and I had nothing to say! That's never happened before!

I think it's stress.

julie said...

Oh, after having a good food day yesterday and most of today, I saw the unopened box of Newman-O's and opened them even though I knew I would proceed to wolf down a bunch. I actually ate 10 cookies.

Wow, on getting off the treadmill after 20 minutes. That is a big deal since you were on it anyway. But I have not been on the treadmill for a month so I would take 20 minutes.

Maybe it is the time change and all. I am so exhausted. I am going to go lay on the couch next to Tom and get him to give me a foot massage that he owes me from my birthday last week.

Kiki, what are watching cheerleader tryouts anyway? That is a surefire way to bring myself further down when I have been so off with my eating. Why is the food thing always such a big deal for us women? Tom has none of this. Does Ken and Mr F?

Once again I have more to say in the comment section of this blog or any blog than on my actual blog. I should just be a professional blog commentator.

Kiki said...

I'll just check can keep commenting and it'll be like a chat!!!! Ken does not have any food issues, he doesn't work out and his only deal is a little extra softness in the belly...the rest of him is in great shape...its sickening!!!

I was changing the channel and got stuck on CMT and their production of how they choose the Dallas Cowboy was brutal, I'd never make it in the door!!

Its Tuesday and I have promised myself that I am going to get that treadmill set up in my bedroom by the end of this I'm signing off to go work on that mess in there!!