Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just trying to figure out the whole adding photos to blog

There is no point to this photo. I was just checking out how you post photos.  I am still working on trying to put a photo or something next to my name for commenting.

This photo is of me and Murphy on the gondola at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. We were picking up our ski passes for this winter and thought it would be nice to take the gondola up the mountain and walk down. 

Nice, my ass. It was not a hiking trail, it was a freaking ski trail. It was pretty freaking steep and I decided not to wear my merrels, but wore a pair of Keen sandals like a jackass. I ended up with 2 huge fluid-filled blisters on my feet and actually went barefoot part of the way down. Tom was dying, too. Of course, my kids were like whatever and running down the MOUNTAIN...not cute, gently rolling hill, but mountain. 

When we got to the bottom, we walked over to the little village and fueled up on penny candy.


Mrs Furious said...

LOL 3 posts! I guess you are making up for lost time!

Okay I'm going to sit down and read when I get back from getting Kid.

Kiki said...

I wear heels to work quite often and my team knows when they are new ones because I bring a back up pair to change into...inevitably I will start hobbling and then its time to change into the comfy shoes.

Julie, I think you are a riot...I am so glad you joined the cub and started a blog, I'm never sorry that I am here!!!

julie said...

Mrs F, it is only fair I give you some reading to do for a change:)

Kiki-aww, you just made my night! Thanks!