Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Murphy will never get allowance again

So I decided that I would take 25 cents away from Murphy's $3 a week allowance each time he uses a "bad" word...

His favorite bad words to use are ass and damn.  He lovingly tells me that he learned those words from either Tom or me when I reprimand him for using them. I think I used it once in front of him (well, it was in direct reference to him...hey, it was a tough moment near dinner time...he was being an ass and he and I actually both started laughing our asses off after I said it) and now he has taken complete ownership of the word.  Thankfully, he knows not to use those words at school. He saves it all for me;) Well, he does not use the word at me...he usually uses it in reference to his older brother when they are fighting over something like 'he's sitting too close to me on the couch' or some other horrible thing.

So as of this morning, I had put 5 checks on a chalkboard with his name above them to represent each quarter that will be taken away. And this was after making up the rule that every time Dad (Tom) or I use a swear word that we erase one of Murphy's checks. I was trying to help the kid out.

Murphy is extremely smart, absolutely hilarious and has a super cute speaking voice. And he likes to use the word ass at 7 years old. What are ya gonna do?


Mrs Furious said...

If it makes you feel better Kid has been known to say "don't be an asshole" to Mr F! Of course it was true so what're you gonna do? ;)

Kiki said...

When I was little I called my sister an "asshole", she ran home, told my mom and my mom promptly got out the soap and ran it across my teeth....didn't swear again until high school.

I have what I call "retail mouth"...a lot of swearing at work...but over the past year I have been trying to stop...why is it so hard????

julie said...

Mrs F-that is hilarious.

Kiki--I feel like I have "blog mouth"...I don't swear quite so much in real person. Although Tom would probably not agree;) In fact, I shocked another parent one day when I said "what the fuck was that all about?" in reference to some maintenance man who walked by us and was swearing. This parent looked at me like I was a nut. I felt a little like one.