Monday, November 10, 2008

Shopping for Momma's gift

Tom took the boys out shopping for my birthday present. What a riot. I can't wait to see what they choose. Murphy was trying to make me guess what he wanted to buy me. He said it started with an "s-t-and u"...hmmmm....looks like he is going to pick out a stuffed animal for me. He could just go shopping for one in his huge bin of unused stuffed animals. I mean, really.

Jack was too thrilled to think that he was going to get to go into Toysrus. Murphy was like "dude, we are not going to Toysrus, we are going to a women's store." Jack's like "yeah, but if we are really good, we can go to Toysrus after." At least he has a goal.

I told them to get a me a cake at Trader Joe's. There are so many delicious sounding sweets in the freezer section and I never ever will buy them. I just pick the boxes up and look at the fat and calorie content. I say fuck it this time. It's for my birthday. They better pick out something good though. Oh shit, I should have them call me when they get there to consult. 


Mrs Furious said...

"woman's store"
I love it. I wonder what that is?

julie said...

I guess a place where they do not sell legos:)