Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out Shopping...

Well, online Christmas shopping actually. That's where I have been all night. 

God, I love being able to shop online. 

I did pretty well on the whole Just One Week thing with the Weight Watchers. I started the day fine, but it could have taken a turn for the worst when I opened the delicious bin of mini crispy chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's (I was prepping kids' lunches for the next day.) I did eat 2 servings of the cookies--2 separate occasions, not all at once like usual. BUT my dinner was a big salad with some boars head ham and chicken (2 ounces total) and a huge bowl of warm butternut squash (as is...just a sprinkle of salt.) It was totally satisfying and made up for the cookies. 

I am off to eat a skinny cow and try to get into bed before midnight. It has been so damn hard to get up in the morning lately. 


Heather said...

Hi Julie! Glad you"re doing well too! I think this might be the key for me -- just one week. It feels so much better than the reality of oh 8-9 months. :)

julie said...

Hi Heather! I really have to focus on just one day...I am so on and off with it! I have to get disciplined...I know it is in me...but tonight I will have a delicious burrito bowl for dinner and I can't wait. At least it won't be followed up by ice cream.