Sunday, January 4, 2009

Game On

Robin said that Monday, January 5th is the new January 1st and I am right with her on that.

I feel very motivated. Enough is enough. I have 10 weight watcher coupons that I got last year through my insurance. I am going to use them. Now. I will not give them anymore money, but I will go to 10 meetings to jumpstart myself. If I feel incredibly inspired from the meetings and start losing at a good, consistent clip, then and only then I will get some more of the weight watchers coupons. 

I am going to a meeting tomorrow at 11am. That will be something new for me as in the past I went to either a meeting at 6pm or Sunday morning. I wonder what kind of crew I will get there. All the fat moms I bet. Oh, and all the old grannies, too. I go to a meeting place in which I do not fit the regular demographic. I am usually the only one without a Popeye tattoo on my arm. Or a faded Disney character on my ankle. Yup, saw that one on a woman about my mom's age. Maybe I will get inspired and get a Pride tattoo like the boys did on Biggest Loser. Remember those guys? 

I feel very motivated and excited to finally get myself back to my old weight and to get healthy and strong again. I have a ski pass to Stratton this winter--which does not come cheaply--and I have no desire to squeeze my fat butt and belly in my gear to attempt to get down a mountain. I basically blimped out of my ski pants when I went sledding with the boys last week. Seriously, I had to unbutton AND unzip my ski pants. Thankfully my jacket went over the pants enough. I felt like a snow blimp...or like the little brother in A Christmas Story--the little one who was in one of those old fashioned snow suits and could not get up off the ground after he fell or was pushed because he was so puffy and stiff. That was me....puffy and stiff. Ewww....that sounds kind of gross actually. 


Kiki said...

I'm soft and squishy....on my 39th birthday no less....IT IS TOTALLY GAME ON over here at the Bee Hive!!!

Heather said...

It's game on for sure! Although I'm still learning these damn skills from the Beck diet book, so I'm just trying to eat healthy but not crazy until I can progress to the eating healthy part of the plan. Wow, that was a rambly sentence. :)

Robin said...

Whoohoo! Awesome that you get free WW. I'm a little jealous.

BTW, how much do I love A Christmas Story? :)

Mrs Furious said...

I'm also intrigued by the free WW passes.

Julie you can do this. Also watched Oprah today too she talked more about the Thyroid issue but still didn't address how she got "cured". Today she said "I'm off all my medications... my thyroid is back!" wtf does that mean?

julie said...

I do feel more ready and committed than I have in the past. Day 2 and I am really going hardcore in a good and normal way.

My health insurance plan is an HMO called Fallon Community Health. They give out free 12 coupon packs for weight watchers. You can get up to 3 of them a year. Not too shabby. I totally don't want to give weight watchers any money. I feel like I can do this without having to pay them. BUT I did go to a meeting yesterday which was awesome. The leader had lost 65 pounds a while back and then gained it back and then just 7 months ago lost it all again. She knows a thing or two about getting re-motivated. I can really relate.

Um maybe I should cut and paste this and make it a blog entry.

julie said...

I love that you refer to yourself as being at the Bee Hive. Love it.

Heather, you seem to eat really healthy anyway. I think the next few weeks will be heavy-duty emotionally being back at work. Just the whole transition thing. Do the very best you can.

Robin, did you know they have a Monopoly version of A Christmas Story? Your kids are obviously way too young, but it could be a fun little tradition down the road. PS How do you like Wii Fit?

Mrs F, thanks for the encouragement. I feel really ready. Enough is enough...but in a good way...not a eat way too clean and then eat 2 skinny cows at the end of the day way. I think Oprah is going to catch some flack for the thyroid thing. She needs to elaborate. I am taping all this week. I can't wait to watch today's later.

Heather said...

Hey thanks! It's true, I default to healthy. But my problem is eating when I'm not hungry -- even if it's healthy, if I'm eating when I'm not hungry, it's not good. I really think learning these skills are going to be the key for me!

So happy it's going so well for you!!