Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Mr. President!

Just watched Barack Obama take the oath of office. 

Tears streaming down my cheek.

Even though I have my period, ate a forbidden brownie, got no sleep last night, feel pretty bloated, I have never felt so hopeful. A dark cloud was lifted today.

Hey, if Obama can do it (become President, quit smoking, be so awesome) then perhaps I can buck up and lose these 40 pounds. 

PS I got the third graders to be able to watch the Inauguration today at school. I also pushed it through for the first graders who are going to watch it taped at 2pm today. It was either that or I was pulling the kids out of school today for this most important historic moment.

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Mrs Furious said...

Wasn't it awesome. I was crying and trying to explain to Kid why it was a big deal. She was like "I know... ooh there's his wife!"