Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're going on Vacation I think

Jack threw up tonight. Oh please let it just have been a fluke thing.

We were supposed to go to Vermont over 4th of July, but Murphy was really sick. Then a couple of weeks ago we were supposed to go to the Cape and Tom got really sick (which is unusual for him...he had a high fever for a week. Very weird.)

We have been hermits all summer. Murphy is afraid to go to the pool since the last time he went he had a fever (I didn't realize it) and felt freezing. So now he equates the pool to extreme cold. Even when it is 88 degrees out. He is our 'outdoor hiking guy' and he won't go outside anymore. Plus he wears his pajamas all day long and I let him. I just don't care anymore. He can wear whatever he wants when we go out. It used to be a bumblebee costume. Now it is an oversized Black Dog t-shirt. Whatevs.

We are nearly all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning to Vermont for 10 whole days. Murphy says he doesn't want to go because he thinks he is going to get sick in the car. And Jack threw up tonight. 

On a different note, I am going to jazz up my blog later this month. I think I may go the whole 'get fit' route since my weight seems to take up so much space in my life and mind. Stay tuned.


katieo said...

"the crabby hermit family who is taking turns being sick only when we have plans"

I sincerely hope no one throws up tomorrow. Crossing my fingers it's fluke.

p.s. Very much looking forward to the new jazziness!
(see me doing jazz hands)...

Robin said...

We've totally been hermits, too. I feel guilty about it, but Kent pitches a fit every time I try to go anywhere, and I'm tired of fighting it.

Have a good trip. I hope the puke was a fluke. :)

Please do the jazzy weight thing when you get back. If we all stick together, we can do it!!

Mrs Furious said...

Baby wears full long sleeved long pants thermal style pjs WITH SLIPPERS when we leave the house. It's 86 today. She won't take them off... she wears them consistently (aka covered in nasty food... not just stains) day after day. Maybe once a week she'll let me take them off and wash them.
When we were Up North she insisted I buy her a winter hat... YEAH... that didn't look too weird... with the dirty PJs... in the summer... in the fancy resort town...

But it makes me laugh. So I'm goin with it.

Hope you took off! Enjoy your trip!