Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast of Champions Like Me

I ate 17, yes that's right, 17 Whole Foods Vanilla sandwich cookies. 

I knew when I bought them "for the kids" that it would be a test for me. I have a real thing for these particular cookies. I should have put them back on the shelf, but I didn't. I just can't have these in the house.

Can anyone else top this gross stuffing of cookies? Tell me...make me feel better.


Heather said...

I can easily (and have several times) eaten a whole sleeve of Thin Mints. This is why I don't buy them anymore. I cannot be trusted

katieo said...

1 tub of frosting.
1 ENTIRE coffee cake.
1 ENTIRE bag of soft batch choco chip cookies.

Right. And I wonder why I need to blog about my weight again.

Anonymous said...

Would a quart of marble slab icecream count? Not in one sitting, but throughout the whole day? My son ate 18 little gem donuts when he was 6. He threw them all up later:)

julie said...

Feeling less guilty now and more normal!

Robin said...

Totally! I'm with Heather on the thin mints. I eat them a sleeve at a time. Good thing they only sell them once a year.

I also will down Ben and Jerry's by the pint. I'm sure there is more, but I've blocked them out of mind out of shame.

julie said...

Robin, I totally can down a pint of Ben & Jerry's. What is up with those people who will only eat half? I have to eat it until it is I can start fresh the next day;)

Mrs Furious said...

Do you remember when I first started buying those?! I would eat 3-4 about every 10 minutes. I don't think the ENTIRE box lasted more than 2 days. They are like crack cocaine. You cannot stop... it's the saltiness I think.